Sensavis Visual Learning Tool


Sensavis - 3 Dimensional Interactive Visual Education Application


Sensavis, The swedish company which holds the title of the worlds premier 3D Interactive firm is in Turkey with the Boyut Group advantage! 


A new DIMENSION in education! 3D…

Including Biology, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Engineering, 6 main topics and 85 sub topics

491 interactive simulations in 3D format. 


Sensavis is being applied in the educational institutions in 12 countries including  İngiltere, Amerika, İsveç, Danimarka, İzlanda. The application is updated every six months according to the feedback from the teachers.

The program is developed by an expert R & D team including teachers, professors and researchers, and with the help of unlettered  and non-narrative interactive presentation, and a wide range of topics from kindergarten to university level, Sensavis distinguishes itself.

Sensavis application

  • Works with all screens, smartboards and projectors where we can get a 3D display

  • In case of 3D not being available, it can be used in 2D

  • It uses low cost passive 3D glasses that do not require batteries or charging

  • It is sourced from europe

  • New updates are integrated into the system momentarily

  • It is suitable for all curriculums due to having a non-expressive presentation

  • Since non-expressive interactive application takes form from the educator it is suitable for all ages.

  • It gives the ability to prepare presentations and voice recodings

  • Does not require dark spaces


According to research, thanks to "Sensavis" students have an increased interest and concentration during class and there is a visible increase in success graphics.


For a free demonstrational presentation in your educational institution please contact us via phone: 

0216 414 20 15 or email adress.